Saturday, 27 July 2013

Opaqueness of shabby "Secularism"

The sudden change in the topic of discussion in the Indian political arenas from the growth and developmental politics, that was about to get a boom under the rise of a major shift from the stereotype Indian politics of a shabby faced pseudo-secularism, that has been practiced since the divide and rule policy of the British Government in the pre-independence era and carried by our government post independence to polarize votes, to the newly optimistic approach of growth and good governance debates, has gained momentum yet again and thereby somehow dominating the new approach. But why exactly does it happen? Answer is simple, that after receiving the voter’s mandate through various opinion polls, the current ruling coalition cleverly shifted its focus to old tool of secularism and quickly fetched a shield to defend itself against the perils of misgovernance that is vigilant since they attained the power to rule.

Since the anointment of BJP’s poster boy as the BJP’s Campaign Committee Chief and the strongest contender for the prestigious post of Prime Minister  - Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, the ruling coalition in the centre and its entire leadership turned offensive, even abusive by crossing all the limits of absurdity. The political fight for 2014 has turned ugly day by day by creating a fear in the minds of minorities and by completely diverting the topic of discussion from governance to secularism in the name of 2002 riots, and by completely hiding the other massive riots that have ever happened in the history of this country (post independence) under the rule of Congress party, Meerut, Moradabad, 1984, Assam 2012 (to name a few). In a brilliant observation expressed in a piece written by a senior journalist Mr. M.J. Akbar in a national daily, he wrote and I quote," Congress never does anything in particular for minorities, but they are already getting sympathy votes by creating a fear in their minds.” What does it mean? It means that although, since independence, Congress has presented itself as the ‘Messiah’ of minorities to appease them through a simple tool of ‘creating a fear in the minds of minorities’ that if they are voted to power, then only the minorities (especially and with special focus to Islamic community) of India will remain safe and not in the rule of other political powers, but the ground reality remains that it has not done anything in the past 65 years to grow the concerned community or we may infer that it deliberately wants them to remain underdeveloped so that they do not know about their rights and they can be threatened in the name of security. The implication being," vote for us, else die”. The same political stunt is adopted by many other partners of the UPA Government as well those who are not a partner to them. For what reason? Obviously, just to polarize the votes and to get them in their favor as it is very easy to attract minorities in the name of their security.

Not only the political class, but the print and broadcast media has also learned a few lessons from the Congress party to promote polarization and to promote the debate of false secularism for whatever reason. I know you want some proof for that, okay dear, don’t be impatient. Does these headlines sound familiar? – “Dalit girl raped in Delhi”, or “Muslim boy killed by mob”, etc. Why? Why, “Dalit girl raped in Delhi” and not,"Girl raped in Delhi”? Why a “Muslim boy killed by mob” and not a “Boy killed by mob”? Why do we promote such divide amongst the society in the name of community and class?
In all this political mess created by such parties and the media, the minorities as well as the majorities should understand that macroeconomic growth is always inclusive. Infrastructural development, creation of employment opportunities, better educational facilities, better living conditions and economic independence doesn’t discriminate in the name of community. Any normal citizen from any part of this world would desire to have the above mentioned things for a better life. Ask yourself, irrespective of your community, don’t you desire for such things? I’m sure, the answer will be a big ‘YES’. So, the next time, if political class tries to divide us in the name of religion, please ask them all the measures they have taken to ensure the development of above mentioned factors that will make us lead in this competitive world that we all have desired for, since we have opened our eyes on this planet.

 Are we yet again pushed into despair? Well, I would like to intervene before you get into the usual habit of making self perceived notions about the future of India. My optimistic attitude says that, “We the citizens should understand that if we all are together and are not divided in the name of false secularism promoted by some elite political class, and strive towards the attainment of pre-defined goals with the strongest leadership, we will achieve all what we have desired for, since independence, and all that has not been achieved by the successive central governments since then. It’s already too late and we can’t defer the growth and prosperity of our country further as the opportunities will not strike consistently on our doors. We need to rise up above all these political tools and march forward together, hand in hand, without hate for each other, without any discrimination on any ground, without any mind wash by the cruel and clever political class people. We have already missed a lot of opportunities, so please do not waste much more time, if you want to be the number one in the world, ahead of all. Unfortunately, we have more danger from these pseudo secularist insiders than from the outsiders. So pull up your socks, and get ready to fight with all the evils that are dividing us in the name of secularism. We need a much optimistic approach towards our country’s future. A mere thinking wouldn’t help, actions are needed.”

 Today’s India is like an outdated aircraft flying aimlessly in the sky, without a pilot. We do not need an upgraded aircraft alone but also an experienced pilot too who can save this airplane from crashing down on the ground.”

PS - " I have not mentioned about the rise and fall of any country, because I believe that we cannot achieve success by being condescending about others.”

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