Saturday, 14 April 2018

Message for Indians

We, the Indians are prone to manipulation. From ancient to modern and now contemporary politics, I see so many instances where we are led to believe the complete opposite of the truth. I agree that the truth has many facets and nobody has a complete monopoly over it. But a fact closest to the truth is better than a construction of reality based on half-baked facts. I have been struggling to find the reason behind our vulnerability to fall in this game of manipulation. I too may have been a prey to it & probably I am currently prey to it too. I cannot equate this vulnerability as innocence but it appears to be quite close to a slothful character who is fatigued from his/her daily chores and finds solace in quenching his/her thirst of scepticism by blaming it on the environment around him/her (society & politics). This slothful character is reeling under the fatigue of daily life and has no interest or energy to juxtapose reality with fiction. He/She has decided to arrive at a conclusion before searching for the facts. Should we blame his/her fatigue? I don’t know. On top of that, unverifiable facts are presented by the shrewd vultures to harden his/her notion of reality which is inspired by his/her scepticism about life. He/She trusts anything that is in consonance with his/her pessimistic view of the world. It makes me sad to think that our quest for knowledge and ultimate truth has dwindled with the passing time and we are vulnerable to ulterior motives of the shrewd vultures. We opened our economy in 1991 but may be failed to open and widen our ability to think. An optimist in me finds solace in the argument that with the growing economy, this fallacy of pessimistic world would collapse and our ancient tradition of knowledge seeking behaviour would re-emerge to make our country and our people more prosperous than ever before.

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