Friday, 11 March 2016

Are we reaping the maximum return on investment of the subscription called 'Prime Minister Narendra Modi'?
If we run a cost-benefit analysis to calculate the returns India should get with a facility adopted in May 2014, known as ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’, we would realize that we are failing to explore the full potential of the service. We should realize that we have subscribed for this service till 2019 amidst the downturns - in economy, material well-being of citizens and above all, the goodwill of India as a whole.
In purely economic terms, the cost paid for the subscription of a service should be less than the returns to be exploited from it, to earn a reputed share of profit. India paid a huge cost for a big time since last decade and earned a service named ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ in return in 2014. But it is to be calculated that are we cooperating enough with the service provider so as to reap the maximum returns out of him? For instance, if you call a service provider for your old, rusted ‘Air Conditioner’ in the wee months of a scorching summer season, what do you consider to be beneficial for you – Providing him adequate water supply, required cooperation, help in diagnosis of the issues that corroded your old air conditioner, worthy suggestions for quick solutions OR would you deny him the water supply to clean it, hide the way to the electricity terminal to test the repaired product, outright rejection of his suggestion to shift the air conditioner from current installation to another one. Consider the above instance, which proposition do you think would yield maximum possible results? Non-cooperation to preserve short-term gains OR cooperation even at the cost of little trouble in short term conceiving long term gains out of an otherwise dead asset?
The motive behind throwing this analogy for the citizens is to cogitate if we have given adequate support to our ‘service provider’ and if we have done enough to ‘block’ the covetous and envious people from opposition disguised to be our false sympathizers, actually desiring to destruct our decades old ‘precious’ asset through the earlier rust. They want to accelerate the process of corrosion, otherwise decelerated by our ‘new’ service provider. If we let them succeed, who is to be blamed for it? We the subscribers, who despite of getting an experienced and splendid service provider failed to block the attempts to derail his work OR the service provider himself who tried real hard with all his powers in hand to kick-start our old asset OR the envious opposition people? Whomsoever would get the blame in the end, but the truth would stand out in the open that INDIA failed to reap maximum benefits out of the service called ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ (2014-2019).
Amidst all the pessimism, the subscription time of 3 years is left, we could either continue our silent non-cooperation OR we can block the envious non-sympathizers from derailing the process of development to ensure a bright future of our motherland.
Extract each calorific energy of him by questioning him on productive issues, report diagnosis and possible solutions, ensure transparent and timely actions and cooperate in swallowing essential 'bitter pills'. Only then we deserve to be presented with the reports to analyze his competence to rule this nation.

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