Monday, 14 September 2015

UNGA decision on Security Council reform

With respect to carry forwarding the text based UNSC Reforms by the UNGA as per the information provided by the Ministry of External Affairs press note, I would like to add that -

This is a very big moment for India. I hope the support base that India enjoys around the world with the goodwill of being a ‘peaceful connect’ between the parties of the UNGA would help India to assume the much deserved role in UNSC. India has always been vocally as well as materially supportive of the ideals of peace, negotiations and respect for international law. India's enthusiastic participation in the UN Peace Keeping is not a secret anymore. To accommodate the growing global challenges, it is essential to reform the UNSC for the proper representation of the participating members and to preserve the ideals of equality on which the United Nations was formed in 1945.


  1. Indeed now whenever anyone asks me as to why India is not a permanent member of UNSC...I humbly reply that the onus is on the world community to explain why India is not....

    1. A very good observation. It reiterates our stand as to why India deserves to be the esteemed member of the organisation. Unfortunately without equal representation UNSC has left despicable footprint in the recent times on the world community's mind in dealing with the various global challenges. I hope the doctine of equal representation on which the UN as a federation stands would be exhibited after due representation to goodwill earned countries like India.