Friday, 22 August 2014

Sacrificing her illegitimate children (Special report on the birth of ISIS)

After ‘proclaiming’ to kill her own baby (Al Qaeda) in his paternal home  (Afghanistan), US is back with so called fundamentalists ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) militants. US nurtured the first baby (Al Qaeda) during the Cold War to counter USSR who had been honeymooning in Afghanistan for 10 years (Dec 1979 – Feb 1989).

This time, there is a strong blizzard forming in the Arctic Circle from East to West with Russia surfing solely on it victoriously this time. The ‘czar’ of Kremlin has left no stone unturned to veto all the Western moves that could undermine Asia’s authority over world affairs, or particularly, Russian authority over the international politics. As the game between the West and the ‘East’ (led solely by Russia) was going uneven, with Russia scoring all the points and the West succumbing with zilch.
  • The West, or say, just US tried invading West Asia (Middle East) again to show off her defense skills and machines, to market their products to nations like India (huge importer of arms). But, Russia vetoed the move in the UN Security Council (Syrian talks). US failed the opportunity to rob West Asian wealth, to comfort her dwindling economy.
  • Russia also created a mess during Ukraine’s admission to European Union and ended up giving anarchy to Ukraine by supporting the rebels, Crimean accession was a huge blow too. West merely saw the actions and replied back with childish economic sanctions which affect the European themselves.
  • Allegedly, US even tried an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin in Ukraine via CIA but failed to do the same and ended up fuming Malaysian Airlines to flames.
  • Unease of European nations for economic sanctions on Russia because of the huge investments by Russian oligarchs in their respective countries, further tensed US about the Western grouping’s future.
  • Most importantly, the emergence of the BRICS Bank, a parallel institution to World Bank, undermining Western dominance over world economy, the growing closeness of Russia, India and China, or say the BRICS countries as a whole forced US to bite her nails.
All in all, US had been a loser till now by scoring, literally zero points against the game with Russia. All thanks to the ‘able’ leadership of Mr. Obama.

But then, the security experts of Mr Obama like James Clapper, reminded him of their illegitimate child of a subsidiary of Al Qaeda, living in Iraq, with the funding of CIA (Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi) ready to die for his mother (US). Mr Obama cheered in joy and ordered the multiplication of his funds and a special military training to combat Iraqi forces. By this, US would be able to exert pressure on the world to invade West Asia (failed invading Syria earlier) and would be able to control the region that has turned anti-US from the past few years. This way the region would stop porting to Russia for their needs and will again be neo-colonized.

Recent air strike combat operations are an eye wash, the beheading of US journalist James Foley is as true as the assassination of Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi and Osama Bin Laden (wondering what is Area 51). The motive is to invade Syria, via Iraq (that's why the last S in ISIS stands for liberation of Syria) and to control Shia population which is on the rise in West Asia. Forgive me for the words, but Sunnis have been secret weapons of CIA in their operations.

At last, the whole world knows that this wicked mother (US) will kill her child (ISIS) after his use and will look towards another child to sacrifice for her. The history is repeating itself, the Cold War has returned with an open conflict and this time, the West seems weak because of lack of unity and a severe leadership crisis.